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There’s a new Google Analytics App for the iPhone available on iTunes from yesterday. Its keenly priced at €1.59 and displays a graph of visits and other dashboard metrics. It has support for all the websites in your account or all attached to your particular email address. Set up is pretty simple. After installation go to Settings -> myAnalytics on your iPhone and add in your Google Analytics account email address, password and choose your date range (year, month, fortnight, week, day) and your done.

The only down side I can see so far is that it seems to download all the information from Google before displaying the data. As i’ve about 40 profiles in my account, this takes alot of time. The ability to choose which account you want to view before downloading the data would help speed up the app alot.

Version 1.1 is already in development and promises to contain graphs for all the basic dashboard site usage metrics. Sounds good but i’d much rather see data for other metrics like content, traffic sources and keywords.

More info can be found at and you can go directly to myAnalytics in iTunes



4 thoughts on “myAnalytics iPhone App

  1. If you have that many profiles, a simple first step might be to created a seperate user that has access to the most important profiles only and use that user on your iPhone.

    Thank you for your review.

  2. Good idea Felix but i have 2 accounts, one personal & one from work. Your app is pulling data from both of them as i’m using the same address for both of them….still its a good app and i’m looking forward to the future updates.

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  4. […] Personalmente utilizo varias aplicaciones para Internet que me permiten mejorar mi productividad, el programa para leer mi email que viene por defecto es genial, en mi caso solo utilizo la opción de leer mi correo en Gmail, donde ya tengo configuradas todas mis cuentas personales y corporativas, utilizo también aplicaciones para acceder a las redes sociales que utilizo día a día para mi trabajo y para mis momentos de ocio, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. Prácticamente he dejado de leer mis feed a través del ordenador y los leo solamente a través del Iphone, tengo instalada una aplicación que me permite controlar datos básicos de mis diferentes perfiles en Google Analytics (myAnaltics). […]

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