Essential Modx Revo Plugins, Addons or Packages

Modx Revolution is a powerful & flexible CMS more than capable of handling most small to medium sized sites. However, out of the box it is little more than a framework. The advantage of this is that its a blank canvas where you build web apps from the ground up instead of modifying a CMS to fit your needs like WordPress.

When its first fired up it can be a bit confusing so in order to get started you’ll need to install a few plugins & 3rd party components. This can be done very quickly using the Package Management feature so you dont have to trawl the web for the right one for whatever you are trying to achieve.

Below is a list of components that I install on every job no matter what size:

  1. Wayfinder: Outputs lists of resources from the resource tree…in short, it makes menus
  2. tinyMCE: A well known Javascript WYSIWYG Editor
  3. getResources: Powerful way to list & display content
  4. Codemirror: This javascript library colour codes & indents your HTML & PHP similar to your desktop application for easier reading
  5. Formit: Outputs forms with lots of features like anti-spam & captcha
  6. Googlesitemap: Creates XML sitemaps on the fly to the protocol
You can find out more info on all these add-ons along with many more popular ones in the online Modx manual.


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