Irish County Datalist & html5 input

Here is a simple HTML5 input & datalist containing all 32 counties in Ireland suitable for an address form. A datalist is used to ‘autocomplete’ a predefined set of values.

It is fully supported in modern versions of Google Chrome, Firefox & Opera. IE 10+ is very buggy & should not be relied upon but it degrades gracefully to a text input.


<input name="counties" list="counties" placeholder="County" required>
<datalist id="counties">
<option value="Antrim">
<option value="Armagh">
<option value="Carlow">
<option value="Cavan">
<option value="Clare">
<option value="Cork">
<option value="Derry">
<option value="Donegal">
<option value="Down">
<option value="Dublin">
<option value="Fermanagh">
<option value="Galway">
<option value="Kerry">
<option value="Kildare">
<option value="Kilkenny">
<option value="Laois">
<option value="Leitrim">
<option value="Limerick">
<option value="Longford">
<option value="Louth">
<option value="Mayo">
<option value="Meath">
<option value="Monaghan">
<option value="Offaly">
<option value="Roscommon">
<option value="Sligo">
<option value="Tipperary">
<option value="Tyrone">
<option value="Waterford">
<option value="Westmeath">
<option value="Wexford">
<option value="Wicklow">

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