Google Analytics on iphone

Google Analytics For Iphone

Google Analytics For Iphone

I’ve had my eye on the iphone for a while now but was put off as Google Analytics is limited due to the absence of Adobe Flash. Unable to resist anymore (and the €99 price tag with an upgrade from o2) i took the plunge and got the 8G model.

A quick search on Google and i found
A German lad called Sergej Mueller is working on an analytics app. Unfortunately the site is all in German and the App is still in development but you can display graphs of visitors & page impressions for the previous month. It’ll be interesting to see where this app goes from here.

To use the app (which is just a web page for now) browse to on your iphone and select settings. Enter your Google account username & password and also the account ID of the analytics account you want to view. This can be found in the URL of the specific account as seen below.

Google Analytics Account ID

Google Analytics Account ID

You can also specify multiple accounts by separating the ID’s with a comma.

Support can be found @ Unfortunately the site is all in German…..

Have a look at another post about myAnalytics, an excellent iPhone app for Google analytics.

Excellent List of Articles on Web Design

Excellent list of articles from Inside CRM entitled 101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site. All the articles are organised in 6 topics:
Search Engine Optimization

Dixons Wedding Cars Website Design

Dixons Wedding Cars Website Design
Dixons Wedding Cars Website Design

I launched this website a few weeks ago for Dixons Wedding Cars in Dundalk.  Its a static website with lots of images displayed by the Lightbox script (extremely overused script & i’m more guilty than most for this). The content is incomplete i know but they decided to launch while it is being written. Turns out to have been a good idea as the sites performance has been excelent with lots of enquiries & bookings.

You can view the site at Dixons Wedding Cars