Simple Responsive Mobile Template

I was playing about with media queries & CSS to test a responsive HTML5 template that adjusts to any device whose width is less than 960px. Its not perfect, just a first attempt. Feel free to use it if you like. You can test it on your mobile or by narrowing your browser.

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Some features include:

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10 Top Bookmarks on my iPhone

Here’s a few links to the most used bookmarks on my iphone. Some are specifically optimised for the iphone like Facebook while others are simply wap sites or designed for PDA’s & smart phones. Although the iPhone’s Safari browser can display full websites I still prefer the mobile sites as they load a little quicker and fit nicely within the screen.

In no particular order:

RTE Mobile

BBC Mobile




Yahoo Ireland Mobile


Google Mobile

Digg Mobile

There you have it!
Some of these website have free apps available from iTunes that you can use. I may list my favourites here soon!