Irish Web Design Gallery

Talented Belfast Designer Lee Munroe has recently launched a Web Design Gallery to showcase Irish talent @

He claims its a “CSS & Flash Website Design Gallery for Web Designers and Websites from Ireland and Northern Ireland” & that to be included “The website must have an Irish relation (i.e. website or designer based in Ireland or Northern Ireland)”. I’m actually surprised that nobody’s done this before. It should be a good source of inspiration for Irish designers & it would be great if a community could spring up around it maybe in the form of a forum.

It does look very similar to but i suppose there’s not alot you can or want to do with a gallery without distracting from the content. All the same, as long as it displays good designs i’ll continue to visit and hopefully submit a few of my own.

10 Top Bookmarks on my iPhone

Here’s a few links to the most used bookmarks on my iphone. Some are specifically optimised for the iphone like Facebook while others are simply wap sites or designed for PDA’s & smart phones. Although the iPhone’s Safari browser can display full websites I still prefer the mobile sites as they load a little quicker and fit nicely within the screen.

In no particular order:

RTE Mobile

BBC Mobile




Yahoo Ireland Mobile


Google Mobile

Digg Mobile

There you have it!
Some of these website have free apps available from iTunes that you can use. I may list my favourites here soon!